Saturday, January 28, 2017

AO 2017 Final: Serena Williams designs another page in the tennis history, winning her twenty-third (23) Grand Slam title

In the final of the Australian Open 2017 have met the Williams sisters, who created the perfect scenario for writing history again. 
Playing for the 28th time, Serena defeated Venus in two straight set 6-4 6-4 where the advantage of a break in each was the key to victory.

The two champions have offered a spectacular match full of aggression, with impressive shots and strong well- placed serves. In the most important moments, Serena played with an incredible precision, creating special angles and her sister has not found a solution or an answer against them. Knowing that to beat Serena you have to risk to the maximum, Venus went too much for some shots, missing by a few inches.

After an hour and 22 minutes, Serena put the end to a historic match, of major importance for women's tennis and also for the sport.

Therefore, thanks to this title Serena Williams has established two new records for Open Era:

- 23 Grand Slam tournaments
- 316 matches won in Grand Slam tournaments

In addition, the American restored her atop the WTA rankings after falling to the second place last summer.

During the ceremony, Williams sisters expressed their emotions that touched and moved the entire world.

"It's such a great feeling to have 23. I've been chasing it for a really long time. When it got on my radar, I knew I had an opportunity to get there, and I'm here. I'm here. It's a great feeling, and no better place to do it than Melbourne."

"There is no way I would be at 23 [Grand Slams] without her. There is no way I would be at one without her. She is my inspiration, she is the only reason I am standing here today and the only reason that the Williams sisters exist.

"My first Grand Slam started here, and getting to 23 here, but playing Venus, it's stuff that legends are made of. I couldn't have written a better story. I just feel like it was the right moment. Everything kind of happened. It hasn't quite set in yet, but it's really good."

"[23], it's a great number," Venus said. "I know she would like to have a little more. Who wouldn't? It was a great moment. I'm very happy that she's been able to, you know, get to No.23 because there's 22 ahead of that that she also earned, and she earned it.

"It was great to have an opportunity to play for the title. That's exactly where I want to be standing during these Grand Slams, is on finals day, having an opportunity. That's the highlight of all this, is to be in that moment."

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  1. Congratulations because you deserve this success and i know you the best in your field which is impressive thanks for sharing your awesome feelings with us.